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December 17, 2007 - Forbes Article Cites Beer Yard Website As "Brilliant" Model For The Future
When writer Eric K. Clemons of set out to write a story about the incredible variety of products available to consumers in the marketplace today and the "word of mouse" methods we use to sort them all out and find the best quality, price or special enhancement which most appeals to each of us individually, his research took him to many online venues, including The Beer Yard.

That link is to an online sub-feature to Clemons' story, a slide show presentation called "Web Selling--What's Smart, What's Dumb<" and is in the "Smart" category. Clemons is taken with the fact that each beer listing on this site has a link to RateBeer site and links his readers to the The Beer Yard so they can see what he means.

He writes:

The relationship between the Beer Yard and Ratebeer is nothing short of is probably a harbinger of relationships between sellers and independent, user-generated content, reviewing sites.
According to inside sources, the Beer Yard is considering changing its unofficial motto from "Beer in the Rear" (reflecting its location behind the Wayne Starbucks store) to "Harbinger of Good Brew."--JACK CURTIN