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Breweries - United States

Pete's Go to this URL
Homepage for the Pete's family of beers, headed by Pete's Wicked Ale. I'll never forget the first Pete's I had, it was during a snow storm in Mystic, CT. My wife had walked to the center of town to buy a paper and saw the Pete's sign in the window (my name is Pete) of the local package store, so she went in and bought a six. One of the first US beers that I ever had that made me go WOW.
Ommegang Go to this URL
Ommegang is currently my favorite US brewery. Based in Cooperstown, New York, they make phenomenal Belgian style beers, currently Farmhouse style Hennepin, Abbey style Ommegang, and the forthcoming Rare Vos (Sly Fox).
Rogue Go to this URL
Another of America's finest breweries. With such tongue in cheek names as "Dead Guy", "Brutal Bitter", "Shakespeare Stout", and "Mexicali Rogue" and very good beer in suitably man-sized bottles, what's not to like about these guys?
Yuengling Go to this URL
The very good beer with the hard to pronounce name. This Pottsville, PA brewery is the oldest brewery in the US that has been in continuous production since 1829, so, while the name may be new to many of you, their knowledge of brewing certainly is not. It's also still being run by the Yuengling family. They make a decent selection of beers, including a pretty good (pre-mixed) Black and Tan.
Brooklyn Brewery Go to this URL
Maybe the best thing to happen to Brooklyn since the Dodgers, and before them, Walt Whitman's Crossing Brooklyn Ferry? Brooklyn produces a fine selection of beers, including some very excellent Belgian Style beers. These complex and well-crafted beers deserve a try if you've never had one.
Victory Brewing Company Go to this URL
Downingtown, PA brewery, makes a very nice beer, mostly in the German style. Their Hop Devil is a real treat or those of you who like minblowing hops in your beer...and they are one of the few breweries who make a respectable Imperial Stout. Very nice stuff if you can get it where you live.
Weyerbacher Go to this URL
A small, Easton, PA based brewery that makes some amazing, award-winning beers. While not as creatively named as the Rogue beers, how can you go wrong with a barley wine called "Blithering Idiot"? They also make a very nice Belgian style Dubbel and Trippel.
Allagash Brewing Co Go to this URL
Great people that make some of the best Belgian Style Beer this side of the Atlantic.
Anderson Valley Brewery Go to this URL
Easliy one of my top ten breweries in the country. Great beers time after time and friendly people. I can't wait to take a trip out there to visit, I have had great reports from a couple of customers who have been there.
Avery Brewery Go to this URL
A small family owned brewery located in Boulder, CO. We get thier beers from time to time. We really like three Big Beers.
Big Hole Brewing Co Go to this URL
Some truley unique beers from this small Montana Brewery.